Client |

We’re the software developers behind the scenes of 500+ companies. For a decade and counting we’ve stepped in and scaled software teams for companies including Google, Pinterest, and Rolls Royce.

Goal |

In 2023, BairesDev went through their first rebrand in a decade of business. They needed to:

  • Re-vamp their case studies to fit their new writing guidelines.
  • Initiate a 2024 thought leadership strategy to establish BairesDev and its leaders as authorities in tech solutions.

Approach |

I re-worked the copy for 31 branded case studies. It needed to be scannable and results orientated for V-level and C-Suite decision-makers to catch the drift in under a minute.

I also wrote ghostwritten articles on trending 2024 topics including Generative AI and Small Language Models (SLMs). The articles were published on BairesDev’s blog and Forbe’s Technology Council. For my complete portfolio please email

Researched and wrote short case studies.

Research, copywriting, and coordinated design process with graphic designer for a blockchain one sheet.

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