Hi, I’m Charlotte!

I’m a content and growth marketer with a flair for creative newsletters and storytelling.

I’m motivated by readers pining after my newsletters. Revelling in creating connections through passing information and resources to other humans (and humans behind companies) without just splattering links in their inboxes and newsfeeds.

My experience spans start-ups, higher education and non-profits. Working remotely between England and Brazil. My two homes.

I’ve helped clients through designing engaging websites and driving meaningful connections with their customers through streamlined marketing plans.
I’m in a position to help you by:

  • Maximising resources through a strategic marketing plan
  • Conducting website and content audits
  • Leading copywriting and graphic design projects

Let’s join ranks and craft diverse content that drive your thought leadership campaigns. Just the ticket to enhance brand awareness and guarantee trustworthiness in the eyes of your soon-to-be customers.

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