Hope Denver Church

Client |

A start-up Christian church off the campus of the University of Denver, Colorado. Hope Denver church was founded in October 2018.

Goal |

Attract more local visitors and build a solid online presence. Leverage and manage the marketing budget for fiscal year 2021-22.

Approach |

To generate a sense of community, I wanted to focus on belonging, targeting specifically young adults. In a world where digital content is king, we invested in direct mailers to emanate personalised invitations. Paired with a strong brand with punchy, pastel highlights, we made ourselves known in the community. A hub of young adults that you can count on. The way church is meant to be.

This church is super! All pastors truly teach from they’re heart with nothing to gain but love. I like the fact that the women pastors share in sermons. Last but not least It also has a wonderful sense of family…

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